Welcome to Farivena!

We are a new healthy alternative for people who know how to enjoy a nice hot bowl of cereal. Farivena is an awesome blend of fresh oats and wholesome wheat brought together to compliment your mornings as part of a well balanced breakfast. Come join us for a snack or dessert, so you can benefit from the great nutrition found in Farivena.

Farivena’s facility is located in the beautiful central Florida area. We prepare fresh grains that are health conscious and delicious. Our products are made with only the finest ingredients, and processed using strict quality controls.

All of our products are carefully selected and packaged. At the Farivena’s facility, where our mission is to process the finest wheat and oats in a quality monitored environment, we aim to produce for our costumers, a healthy and delicious product to be enjoyed at any time of day. We want to be your favorite meal for years to come.

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Farivena with Strawberries

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